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Here's some info on how to get started and what you will need to have a good day down at the flying field.

How Much?

Cost can vary depending on what you buy. Usually people start of with a Basic "Trainer" type aeroplane, Such as the ARF Boomerang, general field box equipment, a radio, and an engine.

Here is an Approximation of the costs involved:

  • Trainer Airplane: $100 approx
  • Radio (4ch): $200 approx
  • Engine: $100 approx 
  • Field Box Equipment: $100 approx

The Field Box Equipment usually contains the following:

  • Electric Starter: For turning the propeller to start the engine 
  • Power Panel: All of your Equipment can connect to this
  • Fuel Pump: Theres 2 types of these, Manual Or Electric(preferred).
  • A 12V Gel Cell Battery: To run your Power Panel
  • Glow Plug Lead: This gadget lights up the Glow Plug in the Head of your Engine
  • Fuel: Need this stuff to keep the engine running.

Before going out and buying field box equipment, come out and have a chat, and see what other people use, some of the items listed aren't a MUST so come down and see what other people say you will need before you go out spending your hard earned cash.

Once you've got your plane and equipment its time to become a member

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